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Rockscope is back!!

After a bit of a hiatus, we're back!

A couple years ago, we started out with the remarkable goal of covering 'music we like'. Our first article was about a local unsigned band called The Airborne Toxic Event, but we eventually covered everything like Coachella and stuff.

So why stop a good thing? If you'd like to contribute to our webzine contact or

Darren Kim


About Rockscope

If you're only listening to music through your headphones, you're missing out on half the experience. Music is an experience that should be both seen and heard.

Rockscope is here to fill the void and deliver music in a unique and visual way like no other online webzine.

Our primary goal is to promote music WE LIKE with quality coverage of live music mainly through photo essays and write-ups to give our readers a visual passport into our eyes behind the lens.

Rockscope is hoping to build a network of like-minded and passionate music journalists and photographers around the globe with a single passion to share our love of music through the art of photography.

Music We Cover

Our general philosophy is to cover indie artists who deserve our love and attention.

That includes indie, mainstream indie, buzz bands, and local artists who are ready to break out. If we like it, we want you to hear about it.

The Pity Party @ Spaceland (Los Angeles, CA) Feb. 4, 2008

How To Join Rockscope

Rockscope is looking for journalists and photographers to volunteer and join our webzine as writers or photographers.


If you're an experienced or budding photographer who wants to cover live music and have your photos published, let Rockscope help you! Rockscope was created to be a platform for you to get your photos published and to be seen by as many people as possible. Plus, we're here to assist you to go see shows, promote your work, and to make sure you and the band look good.

If you're interested, email and pitch us a story!

Midnight Movies @ Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA) Feb. 5, 2008